Albert Magnoli

Purple Rain - sing-along

USA 1984
111 • English
Theme: Opening and closing films
20.11.2016 | Time: 19.00 | Venue: TAPIO 2

We pay our respects to the musical genius Prince at the closing film of the festival

Sometimes it snows in April, and it truly felt like it in the early spring. The music world suffered another huge loss when the news told us of the death of the cryptic pop icon Prince. We can be sure that it was a day when doves cried. A superior musical genius, an overwhelming talent, one sexy MF - Prince was all of the above, and much, much more.

The closing film of Rokumentti is a sing-along screening of Purple Rain, a film loosely based on the life of the prophetic legend. The studio album of the same name - which is also the film’s soundtrack - is considered to be a breakthrough moment for Prince, and for good reason. Even after all these years, the album is still an outstanding piece of work by the prolific artist.

So come, the beautiful ones, and hop into a little red Corvette. Wear your raspberry berets and lose yourselves in the harmonic, pulsating and lascivious euphoria. Immerse yourselves in the beautiful psychedelia and let purple rain wash over you - that’s the way to end a festival.

RIP Prince Rogers Nilson 1958-2016.