Federica Di Giacomo

Libera Nos

2016 Italy, France
90 min • Italy. English subtitles
Theme: (freak)
17.11.2017 | Time: 17.45 | Venue: Tapio 4

*sold out*

Wanted: an exorcist with experience in driving off demons and evil spirits! 

The amount of exorcists has increased lately, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. More and more people attribute their physical and mental illnesses to demonic possessions, or even the devil taking over their souls. The exorcist priests seem to work around the clock to take their holy waters to help the possessed. In Italy there is even a telephone service for those in need of exorcism. 

The main character of the documentary, Father Cataldo from Sicily is one of the official exorcists in the Catholic Church. This film really tickles your worldview by offering a glimpse to a training course for the exorcist priests, and following them in their daily work. An address is also given to the people who are attending the exorcisms, trying to alleviate their pain with holy water and Bible verses. 

Libera Nos is a story about exorcism, but also about the position religion and belief have in the modern world. This powerful, engrossing documentary contrasts old traditions and modern customs, and makes the viewer both laugh out loud and squirm out of incredulity. At times, the truth really is stranger than fiction!