28th Sep 2015

Juhan af Grann arrives for Rokumentti Film Festival

Click to enlarge Movie director, contrarian and Finland‚€ôs most well-known UFO man Juhan af Grann will be a guest at the Rokumentti Film Festival. Two of his works will be screened at the festival: The New Apocalypse ‚€“ Mankind‚€ôs Last Exodus and UFOs & Paranormal Phenomena ‚€“ Encounters of the 5th Kind. Juhan af Grann will introduce both films.

Grann became famous in the 1990s for his films which focused on UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. The films were considered scandalous in Finland but the reception abroad was a lot more open. Grann‚€ôs documentaries have gained praise and awards at international film festivals. We do exist!

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