Asif Kapadia: Amy

Asif Kapadia:
Amy (USA/UK, 2015)
128 min. • English • Finnish subtitles
Age limit 12 years
Theme: Rokumentti Selection

Amy Winehouse is a name that everyone who’s been alive in the past decade should recognize. Known for her trademark cat eye makeup and Ronettes hairdo, this British icon only made two albums during her prematurely finished career. One of them became the bestselling album of the 21st century in the UK and it was awarded five Grammies. Winehouse’s uniquely soulful and deep jazz voice oozes talent, the likes of which surface only once a decade. That is why it is sad that this talented and charismatic performer is now only remembered for her substance abuse, shows that were cut short and her self-destructive lifestyle.

The documentary gives a detailed account of Winehouse, who died of an alcohol poisoning only a few years ago. Even though drugs and sadistic relationships played a great role in Winehouse’s life, we also get to know the sympathetic and self-confident Amy at the beginning of her career. Seeing this young artist full of innocent exuberance and humour will give you goosebumps and sorrowful thoughts: How much pain can one person endure during their life?

Although the documentary is brutally honest about Winehouse’s questionable and fateful rock bottom lifestyle, it is nonetheless a magnificent tribute to one of the most talented virtuosos of our time.

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