Heaven Adores You

Nickolas Dylan Rossi: Heaven Adores You

Nickolas Dylan Rossi:
Heaven Adores You (USA, 2014)
104 min. • English
No age limit
Theme: Rokumentti Selection

Heaven Adores You is an intimate depiction of Elliott Smith, taking the viewer through the career, music and life of a modest artist. The crowdfunded documentary delves deep into his career, going over his loud and chaotic debut recordings, his Oscar nomination, the all-too-familiar substance abuse problems linked to the life of an artist and his death, which was considered a suicide.

This is a charmingly beautiful story that places Smith's immortal music center stage - just where he always wanted it to be. As Smith once said himself: ‚€úThe less I think about it [fame], the happier I am. I don‚€ôt really care whether I fit into anything, or if there‚€ôs anything to fit into. It‚€ôs just, I like music, you know? That‚€ôs the thing. It‚€ôs really uncomplicated.‚€Ě

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