Mia Hansen-Løve: Eden

Mia Hansen-Løve:
Eden (France, 2014)
131 min. • France, english • English subtitles
Age limit 16 years
Theme: Closing Film

The closing film of the Rokumentti Festival takes us to Paris in the 1990s. Eden is an authentic tribute to the kinetic experience of that era known as electronic music. The central character in the film is Paul, who has adapted the circadian rhythm of a nocturnal animal and dives into the electronic underground waves of night-time Paris. Paul€s sole interests are working on his own beats and throwing parties with his friends. A large circle of friends consists of people such as the young gentlemen Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, better known as Daft Punk.

The film is based on the experiences of director Mia Hansen-Løve€s brother, Sven Hansen-Løve, who spent his youth at the core of the club scene. This film stylishly illustrates the era of euphoria with very impressive results. Even if the story is built around Paul, you should also pay attention to the other main character: the French club scene and the story of how house music was born.

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