ROKUMENTTI <3 OMVF: David Bowie: Retrospektiivi


David Bowie: Retrospektiivi

90 min • S
Theme: Rokumentti selection
19.11.2016 | Time: 18.15 | Venue: Elokuvia Taitokorttelissa

What’s it like to watch Let’s Dance in an outdoor hot tub?

He was a man from another world whose influence as a rock musician is immeasurable - he truly was stardust in human form. Rokumentti pays its respects to Bowie, the Starman who returned to the sky in early 2016. A selection of music videos presents a cross-section of the Thin White Duke’s diverse career that spans over forty decades.

As an artist and a musician Bowie was like an amazing perpetual motion machine, an odd chameleon and an endlessly renewable natural resource. He managed to surprise and shock the world throughout his whole career. He did everything that no one else could even imagine. He was an androgynous alien, an absurd and beautiful freak of nature - but we shouldn’t let grief of his loss overpower us. After all, he has only returned home.

Rokumentti offers a free outdoor screening of the Bowie Retrospective where you can watch his career highlights while sitting half naked in a hot tub in sub-zero temperature. Bowie himself would’ve surely enjoyed such a contrast!

RIP David Robert Jones 1947-2016