Matleena Saarensalmi-Hintikka: Projekti Rockin’ High

Matleena Saarensalmi-Hintikka

Projekti Rockin’ High

2016 Finland
70 min • Finnish. English subtitles
Theme: Rokumentti selection
19.11.2016 | Time: 17.00 | Venue: Elokuvia Taitokorttelissa

The Finnish Band Who Played a Gig on Mount Everest

Ancara is a band not content with performing at your regular pubs around Finland. Their ambitious and grandiose aim is to climb on Mount Everest to play the world's highest electric gig. However, the planning is a task easier said than done.

The embarrassingly ridiculous-sounding plan doesn't seem to catch fire, and two of the band members throw in the towel right at the beginning. No one cares and no one seems to want to fund the trip. The guitarist, who is the father of the idea, goes around messing everything up while the others follow on his leash.

Two years into planning, they start making progress and the band actually makes it on the mountain to play their gig. For a minute, everything is great as the band gets their fifteen minutes in fame - but what does it feel like when after this success, everything, once again, fails terribly