Ben Lawrence


2017 Australia
96min • English
Theme: Hope/lessness
15.11.2018 | Time 21:15 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

A hunter of ghosts of the past

Director Ben Lawrence comes across a newspaper article about Jason King, a security guard from Sydney who hunts ghosts in his spare time. This is the start of a seven-year film project, and as the filming goes on, it becomes clear that the actual ghosts can be found in Jason’s own past. 

At the beginning of the shoot Lawrence meets Jason, an upbeat ghostbuster, but as the project proceeds, he gets to know a completely different man. Namely, Jason barely has any memories of his childhood. The hardships that stem from Jason’s situation have a heavy impact on him and his relationships. In order to make sense of his broken repressed memories, Jason aims to find his long-lost father. As the search goes on, a horrible family secret is unearthed. 

The documentary’s original focus on ghost hunting gives way to Jason’s true life story. Ghosthunter is a story about survival and letting go of one’s past, and the twists of this thriller-like documentary will entrance, shock and stir up strong emotions in the viewer.