Brett Haley

Hearts Beat Loud

2018 USA
97min • English
Theme: Must see before you die
17.11.2018 | Time 14:30 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

A drama filled with life and love

Hearts Beat Loud is a wonderful movie. The story takes place in Brooklyn, where a twentysomething Sam Fisher (Kiersey Clemons) and her hipster widower dad Frank (Nick Offerman) live together. Sam is about to move to the West Coast to study and Frank's outdated record shop is taking its last breaths. Music flows strong in their veins and they spent quality time by playing and making music. Despite Sam's objections Frank downloads a few songs to Spotify, where they surprisingly end up in a popular indie playlist. Frank, in the middle of a midlife crisis, is still dreaming about rockstardom and wants to make it happen. Sam, however, has her own priorities and growing pains, since moving to the other side of the country would also mean leaving her girlfriend.

An upcoming young actor and musician Kiersey Clemons is amazingly natural in her role and Nick Offerman, better known for his role as the legendary Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, does a stellar job as the sensitive Frank. Hearts Beat Loud is a is a heartfelt movie with joie de vivre and a message: everything is going to be all right.