Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer

Welcome to Sodom

2018 Austria
92min • English and various African languages & dialects. English subtitles.
Theme: Hope/lessness
18.11.2018 | Time 14:50 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

*sold out*

A Haunting Reminder of Our Debt to the Third World

An instant showstopper at document film festivals around the world, Welcome to Sodom is a hypnotic and enchanting film which leaves an unfading emotional scar.

Welcome to Sodom takes us to one of the biggest electronic wastelands in the world, located in Ghana. In this apocalyptic no-man’s-land, amidst smoke and ash, live thousands of adults and children who earn their living by recycling the electronic widgets and gadgets abandoned by the Westeners. The Kröner and Weingesamer film follows calmly these people and their lives beyond hope. The film does not take sides or explain itself, but merely shows its subjects as humans who live their lives in extreme conditions.

Welcome to Sodom reminds us of the hopeless dystopian films, but it is not completely void of hope. Even in the most desolate environments people are able to maintain their humanity and solidarity. This strikingly cinematic documentary reminds us of the price others must pay for our lifestyle.