Brian Welsh


2019 UK
101 min • English, English subtitles
Theme: Must see before you die
15.11.2019 | Time 21.30 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

The only good system is a sound system

Beats by the Scottish director Brian Welsh is a fascinating drama about the early days of rave culture in Scotland in the 1990s. The film follows two teenagers, Johnno and Spanner, dealing with the turmoils of growing up and their passion for the new techno culture. When the boys hear about the illegal Revolt raves from their friends, their excitement knows no bounds and caution is thrown out the window. Despite adversities and difficult families, the friendship between the boys only grows stronger: they have to get to the rave by any means necessary! The plan is not made any easier by the fact that Johnno’s techno enthusiasm gets no sympathy at home, and to top it all, his stepfather is in the police. Spanner in turn has to deal with his psycho brother in order to get to the unforgettable rave. 

Beats will surprise you with its wonderful depiction of the unwavering friendship between two very different boys and their obsession with the rave scene. Brian Welsh is not afraid to include even the darker side and the problems of rave culture in the film. The cherry on top is the film’s soundtrack: let Prodigy and others lead you to a nostalgia trip of a lifetime!