Jonah Hill


2018 USA
85min • English
Theme: Opening and closing films
17.11.2019 | Time 19.00 | Venue: Tapio 2 | BUY TICKET

An exhilarating, messy, and lively return to the 90s

Actor Jonah Hill makes his directorial debut with this intense, bittersweet nostalgia trip to the 90s. In the middle of the scorching LA summer, browsing his big brother’s record collection in secret and meeting new, interesting friends in front of the local skateboard shop turn young Stevie’s world upside down. Consequences ensue. 

The older and cooler acquaintances open the door to a brand new world, and little Stevie steps right into a whirl of drugs, skateboarding and girls. The tension, restlessness, frustration and tectonic scope of emotions will remind you of the inner turmoil and intensity of adolescence. 

The hopelessness of the 90s, the unapologetic passion of the youth and the itch of sandy road rash have been captured to 16mm film in such an authentic way, it would be easy to convince the uninitiated that this film was made three-ish decades ago. If you’re in the mood for a bit of time travel, Mid90s is a perfect vehicle for a trip to the past!