Dark Star - HR Giger's World

Belinda Sallin: Dark Star - HR Giger's World

Belinda Sallin:
Dark Star - HR Giger's World (Switzerland, 2014)
95 min. • English
Age limit 18 years
Theme: Reality is not real

Hans Rudolf Giger’s mind is a home to visions that seem out of this world. His art, which he himself describes as a mix of surrealism and biomechanics, is unique. Amongst his most famous works is the character design for Ridley Scott’s legendary movie Alien, which won him a well-deserved Oscar.

While Giger is known for works that are disturbing to say the least, the man himself is much more than simply a grim weirdo. There is hardly a better example of the sympathetic artist’s sense of humour than his own garden, which is traversed by a dystopian ghost train crisscrossing amongst the infernal structures and detailed arches. He, of course, designed and built it with his own hands, ‘cause why not?

The surrealistic voyage lays open the artist's versatile career as well as his gloomy home filled with weird artifacts and a study that has not seen the light of day in years. Giger’s nearest and dearest recall fascinating and smile-inducing stories about the artist and what it was like to work with him. The film is a perfect eulogy to this weird little man who passed away mere months before the premiere.

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