Tunteiden temppelit

Jouko Aaltonen: Tunteiden temppelit

Jouko Aaltonen:
Tunteiden temppelit (Finland, 2015)
82 min. • Finnish • English subtitles
Age limit 7 years
Theme: Totally Scene

The documentary is directed by Jouko Aaltonen and it is a touching look at the upturns and downturns of cinemas. It also shares emotional memories from the past decades. There was a time when projectionists and ushers in their red coats were kings but we are also told of the instances when cinemas were turned into gyms or places of worship. We get to hear from passionate film fanatics, former cinema staff and the new generation. There are stories of first kisses and desperate attempts to save cinemas from being demolished.

Tunteiden temppelit (‚€úTemples of Emotion‚€Ě in English) showcases a robust set of old timey cinemas in their full glory. It also shows what happens to old film copies now that digitalization reigns. Despite the highs and lows, it is unlikely that cinemas will ever completely disappear. After all, as renowned director Aki Kaurism√§ki has said, watching a film is a social occasion.

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