The Visit

Michael Madsen: The Visit

Michael Madsen:
The Visit (Denmark/Finland, 2015)
83 min. • English
No age limit
Theme: Reality is not real

Even though no alien race has ever visited the Earth (as far as we know), you can’t blame us for lack of preparation. The Visit is a film that lets the viewer explore the various procedures developed for possible encounters of the first kind.

The atmosphere is hazy, weightless, still and psychotically calm which creates a frightening, kubrickian aura around the film. The Visit is a journey that makes you want to hold on to your tinfoil hat even tighter. However, this is not for fear of our alien friends from outer space but because the film actually questions our own human race, moral rituals and obsession over extraterrestrial life forms.

This documentary has been praised with five-star reviews and it is very informative. However, it is also a chilling simulation: the director Michael Madsen has in fact cast the viewer in the role of the alien. So prepare for thorough interviews, and remember, the first impression is the most important.


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