James Lathos

Finding Joseph I

USA 2016
92 min • English
Theme: Rokumentti selection
19.11.2016 | Time: 19.15 | Venue: TAPIO 4

The charismatic front man of Bad Brains uncensored

Bad Brains is one the hardcore punk pioneers, who combined punk, hc and reggae in an unconventional, groundbreaking way. In addition, the band members are Rastafari and bring forth their world views in the lyrics. The singer of the band, Paul “HR” Hudson, is one of the rare iconic punk figures - he is known for his aggressive, intensive stage performances that raise the roof every time. In Finding Joseph I, the background and the source of his brutal force are shown in an unprecedented way.

The crowdfunded documentary by James Lathos tells the uncensored story of HR's life riddled with drugs, violence, disappearances and illness. We hear not only band mates, family members, managers and other close friends but HR himself. The interviews and never-before-seen archival material build a picture of the charismatic punk hero who, after years of battling illness, has gradually become only a shadow of the man he once was.