Tuuli Sirkeinen


2017 Finland
28 min • English subtitles
Theme: Movies at Taitokortteli
18.11.2017 | Time: 19.15 | Venue: Taitokortteli

Rockin' in the hot tub!

A few years ago something retro was brewing in the Finnish marginal music scene: fronted by Jukka Nousiainen, Jukka & Jytämimmit quickly became a subculture phenomenon. The band made crowds go wild with their 70s sound, and boy was it good while it lasted!

Rockin'! is the story of the exceptionally short and passionate lifespan of this cult band. The film's protagonist is bassist Maria Mattila, also known as Mara Balls, the queen of the alternative scene.

Come relax in the hot tub and let the Rockin' summer simulator sweep you away! Tuuli Sirkeinen's documentary with its refreshingly communal and boldly anti-commercial spirit makes you want to turn your Walkman volume to the max and rock on!