Rokumentti - on behalf of all the freaks!

The theme of this year's Rokumentti has been released: this year the festival revels in all things freaky.

The festival programme features characters who have been classified as “different” or “freaks” - either by the society or by themselves. The theme programme shines light on people aspiring for different kinds of crazy. These artists and baffling personalities have made it their mission to break the boundaries of what is considered normal. The festival's viewpoint is more about praise than pointing fingers: it is about celebrating the positive quirks and very special kind of courage in a world overshadowed by bad news.

The theme programme brings forward, for example, the Finnish theatre director / culture persona Jussi Parviainen, the punk misfits GG Allin and the Mentors, the festival guest and drag artist Carlotta Moore, an aspiring Japanese popstar and her fans, death-defying mountain climbers, and the director Samira Elagoz, who sacrifices her entire body to the art of filmmaking.

The full festival programme will be released in October. It will include over forty films from this year's best music documentaries to award-winning film festival spectacles.

Rokumentti Rock Film Festival, Joensuu November 15 - 19, 2017