Jonas Åkerlund


2002 USA
103min • English. Finnish subtitles
Theme: Must see before you die
17.11.2018 | Time 22:00 | Venue: Tapio 2 | BUY TICKET

See Jonas Åkerlund’s rarely screened cult movie in film format! 

The director of this year’s Rokumentti’s opening film, music video genius Jonas Åkerlund’s first feature film is a cult classic that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. This comedy is pitch black, pickled in drugs, and like a mad cousin to Requiem for a Dream which was released a few years earlier. The term ”spun” is commonly used to refer to the state of mind that comes from prolonged use of methamphetamine. The film spends a couple of days following the roller coaster life of Ross (Jason Schwartzman), and witnesses him stumbling from one drug-infused adventure to another. Spun is a prime example on how an anti-drug film doesn’t need to be preachy: a truly overboard story can be just as effective. 

This film has a killer cast, and especially Mickey Rourke, then in a quieter phase of his career, portrays The Cook impressively. Other supporting acts include Metal God Rob Halford and Ron Jeremy. The soundtrack features giants such as Ozzy, Bathory and Satyricon. At Rokumentti Festival, Spun will be screened in its original 35mm format. This film is not for the younglings, admission for over 18’s only!