Florian Habicht

James & Isey

New Zealand 2021
91 min • English
Theme: Humanity
18.11.2022 | Time 20:15 | Venue: Tapio 4 | BUY TICKET

Celebration of the life and love of the Māori family

Cheeky and lively, 99-year-old māori Isey Cross lives with her adult son James on their small farm in Kawakawa, New Zealand. They are descendants of Ngāti Manu - the Bird People. Isey will turn 100 years old in a week. To celebrate his 100th birthday, James,  organizes festivities and brings the spirit world onboard.

In this intimate documentary, director Florian Habicht captures the couple's dedicated bond and their contagious joy. Only the truly stone-hearted could resist this celebration of love and whānau  - family. 


James and Isey is a beautiful, gentle and fun documentary that may seem like a tiny little story, but when you look at it, you realize that the little things are full of love.