The festival ticket book contains five tickets to screenings of your choice. The tickets are valid for the screenings at Cinema Tapio and Artfactory Siihtala´s Kino Sihis. 


You can buy festival ticket books and single Tapio tickets in advance at Cinema Tapio and on their website.

You can buy single Kino Sihis ticket in advance on Kino Sihis webstore.


With the festival ticket book you are entitled to attend five screenings in Tapio or Kino Sihis. Buy festival ticket book here.

The ticket book has to be exchanged for entrance tickets -  for Tapio screening tickets this can be done at Cinema Tapio and online.

You can´t exhange ticket book tickets to Kino Sihis tickets beforehand. Tickets can be exchanged for entrance tickets to Kino Sihis ticket sales before the screening. Don´t worry, there is room in Kino Sihis. 


Single Tapio festival tickets can be reserved from 31st of October to 14th of November online. Reserved tickets should be claimed by November 14th online at or at the Cinema Tapio.

Kino Sihis tickets can not be reserved.

Festival locations

The screenings take place in Cinema Tapio and Artfactory Siihtala´s Kino Sihis (Nurmeksentie 4).

How to get to Joensuu

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Hotels in Joensuu

Sokos Hotel Kimmel
Itäranta 1
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4663

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Torikatu 20
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4661

Hotel Scandic Joensuu
Kirkkokatu 20
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 511 2100

Torikatu 16
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 10 423 9390

Finnhostel Joensuu/ISLO
Kalevankatu 8
80110 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 267 5076 or +358 13 267 5083

Holiday Linnunlahti
Linnunlahdentie 1
80110 Joensuu
tel. +358 10 666 5520

Scouts' Youth Hostel
Vanamokatu 25
80130 Joensuu
tel. +358 45 262 1631

Contact information


We answer your questions at .

About Rokumentti

Founded in 2005, Rokumentti Film Festival is a Joensuu-based film festival focusing on music films. The festival is organized by the non-profit Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, which also organizes the annual Ilosaarirock Festival. Rokumentti is the largest music film festival in Finland, with over 400 screenings of films throughout its history, many of them Finnish premieres.

Participate in Rokumentti and submit your own film, fiction or document to us. Email a brief description and the technical information of your film to 

Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association
P.O. Box 240
FIN-80101 Joensuu

Producer Katri Kilpiä

Coordinator Jarkko Kuittinen

Graphic design:
Pasi Peltonen / Vaganza

Antti Schroderus / Purkkaviritys