Thank you to all of you Rokumentti people!

Rokumentti Rock Film Festival 2022 has been really special. After a three-year break, we finally were able to dive into movies together. What five days thesehave been!

A huge Rokumentti-love-bubble thank you to all of you who participated, contributed, enabled and/or visited the festival. Even if Rokumentti ends this year, it is certain that next year we will meet again!


Sold out screenings

Huntu - Kun okkultismi saapui Suomeen, Elvis, Moonage Daydream, Tytöt, tytöt, tytöt and Elvis are sold out. Remember to buy your tickets on time! 


Age of Rage - The Australian Punk Revolution screening new starting time is 21:15!

Age of Rage - The Australian Punk Revolution Kino Sihis screening time is shifted by a quarter of an hour! The new start time is 21:15. 

There was a mishap in the scheduling of the earlier Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power show, which starts at 7:15 p.m., and the movie doesn't end until 9:02 p.m. 

Entrance to the Age of Rage screening preferably through the door on the ABC side.


Screenings sold out

Mariupolis2, Moonage Daydream and Tytöt, tytöt, tytöt are sold out. Remember to buy your tickets on time! 


Ennio sold out

Ennio sold out. Remember to buy tickets on time! 


Ticket sale is open!

The ticket sale is open! You can buy tickets from Savon kinot online store and from Film Centre Tapio. Buy Festival ticket book here.

Check out the whole program here!

Kino Sihis tickets are not sold in advance, festival ticket book ticket are valid for Kino Sihis screenings. 

Remember to buy your tickets well in advance, the seats are limited! 

See you at Rokumentti!!


The film programme is out!

The program for this year's Rokumentti is ready and revealed. During the five days there will be altogether 42 full-length films covering music and musicians, humanity and culture. 

In this year´s films we meet stars like King CrimsonVampiraCourtney Barnett, Behemoth-founder NergalThe Sparks Brothers and Elvis. 

Check out the films here!

The ticket sale opens on October 31st at 10 a.m. Savon kinot online store. Remember to buy your tickets well in advance, the seats are limited!


Humanity – announcing the theme programme for Rokumentti Festival!

The theme of this year's festival is humanity. In the early winter of 2020, when we originally thought about this theme, it seemed that the world lacked humanity. Cold tales of selfishness and self-interest filled the news. Suddenly the world changed, COVID-19 arrived. Even though we curled up in our homes, caring for loved ones also became more and more important. Now we are starting to cope with the coronavirus, but the world still seems to be off the rails.

This year, Rokumentti explores the many different aspects of humanity: what can be achieved through acts of kindness, where inhumanity can at its worst lead us, and how small actions can ultimately make a big difference.

The full programme will be published in October. Tickets for screenings will be on sale on Monday, October 31.

Check out theme programme here!


 Opening and closing films for Rokumentti announced!

The opening film is Simon Lerang Wilmont's A House Made of Splinters, A documentary film about an orphanage in the war-torn Eastern Ukraine.

The closing film is Academy Award-winning Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised), which offers an enjoyable journey into the hot summer of 1969.

The full programme will be published in October. 



The theme of Rokumentti is Humanity!

The theme of Rokumentti have been unveiled! This year’s festival focuses on humanity.

The world seemed to lack humanity when the theme of Rokumentti was considered in the early winter of 2020. Cold stories of selfishness and self-interest filled the news. Suddenly, the world changed, covid19 arrived. Even as we curled up in our homes, caring for loved ones also raised its head.  We experienced the time together and wanted to protect those most at risk. We are starting to get through the Covidd19, but the world still seems to be off the rails.  This year, Rokumentti explores the many different faces of humanity: what can be achieved through acts of kindness, where inhumanity can derail, and how small actions can ultimately make a big difference. 

The rest of the Rokumentti programme will be published in October. Like before, we’ll screen the best music films and a bunch of the most expected festival spectacles of the year. 

Rokumentti Rock Film Festival is held on November 16th-20th 2022.


Rokumentti comes again


Rokumentti tickets

You can buy festival ticket books and single Tapio tickets at Cinema Tapio and on their website. Buy festival ticket book here! 

You can buy single Kino Sihis ticket on Kino Sihis webstore or Kino Sihis ticket sales 30 minutes before the screening. 

The ticket book has to be exchanged for entrance tickets -  for Tapio screening tickets this can be done at Cinema Tapio and online.

You can´t exhange ticket book tickets to Kino Sihis tickets beforehand. Tickets can be exchanged for entrance tickets to Kino Sihis ticket sales before the screening. Don´t worry, there is room in Kino Sihis.