Kiwi Chow

Revolution of Our Times

Hong Kong 2021
152 min • Cantonese. English subtitles
Theme: Humanity
18.11.2022 | Time 16:30 | Venue: Art house Siihtala | BUY TICKET

A powerful tribute to Hong Kong’s protest movement

Over the past fifty years, Hongkongers have fought for freedom and democracy but have yet to succeed. In 2019, the “Extradition Bill” to China opened Pandora’s box, turning Hong Kong into a battlefield against the Chinese authoritarian rule. The award-winning director Kiwi Chow, made this documentary to tell the story of the movement, both with a macro view of its historical context and up close and personal on the front lines. 

As freedom and democracy face an unprecedented crisis worldwide, Revolution of Our Times is not only about the battle of Hongkongers, but the war between freedom lovers and dictatorships all over the world.


The film contains a lot of violent imagery, so it cannot be recommended to the most sensitive viewers.