Antti Kuivalainen

Then the Times, They Changed (Sitten ajat muuttuivat)

Finland 2022
75 min • Finnish.
Theme: Rokumentti selection
19.11.2022 | Time 18:00 | Venue: Tapio 4 | BUY TICKET

Journey through the history of legendary Tavastia Club

When Tavastia Club was opened in the heart of Helsinki in the autumn of 1970, the music at Tavastia student house changed from traditional Finnish tango and waltz to rock. For promotional purposes, Jussi Raittinen wrote and recorded Tavastia Rock, a song to the tune of Crocodile Rock. According to the lyrics, rock has played in Tavastia through changing times, through the waves of Finnish Rock, disco boom and continental and Finnish music hypes. The club has become an institution of Finnish rock, where “everyone” has started their career or at least performed. The club history does not lack plot twists, surprising details and, of course, music. The film relies on unique archive footage and reflects changes in urban culture, Helsinki and the whole of Finland.