Patric Chiha: Brothers of the Night

Patric Chiha

Brothers of the Night

2016 Austria
88 min • German, Bulgarian, Romany. English subtitles
Theme: Roleplay
19.11.2016 | Time: 15.15 | Venue: Tapio 4

Friendship, intimacy, boys in love

Two boys, a cotton belt on the floor. Brothers of the Night is a dramatized documentary about the beautiful and young Bulgarian-Romanian men who have arrived in the seedy discos on the outskirts of Vienna to sell themselves to other men. Satisfaction and carnal pleasures are their only merchandise.

The characters of the documentary take the viewer by the hand, lead them into the pink and blue night and tell candidly about the realities of their trade. The heartfelt sincerity and honesty of the characters come forth especially when the men share information and experiences about the sex business. The work definitely isn’t a clean indoor job but the men have their ways and conditions. They are always in control of the situation.

The film explores how this group of people, often considered the dregs of society, has refused to be stigmatized by society and other people. These cocky men in their leather jackets make it very clear that they are not some lowly worms but people to be taken seriously. They are prepared to do a lot more than many of us to survive, succeed and make their dreams come true.