Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami: Sonita

Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami


2015 Iran
90 min • english subtitles
Theme: Roleplay
17.11.2016 | Time: 18.15 | Venue: Tapio 3

Female rapper in the world of forced marriages

18-year-old Sonita lives between two worlds. Born in Afghanistan and having fled to Iran, Sonita has grown up surrounded by strict, conservative values and traditions. As a young woman, her family sees her as trading goods – if she is sold as a bride, her brother can buy a wife for himself.

Sonita, however, is bright and musically gifted, and wants a very different future for herself. She wants to shake up the world and make people aware of the massive conflict between the old roles and traditions and modern human rights. Rap music becomes Sonita’s tool to break the age-old shackles. Somewhere out there is a world that is ready to listen and lets people follow their dreams.

As Sonita reflects her own role and position, so do her classmates and family members, and even the film crew. Her situation blurs the lines of the observer and the helper on both sides of the camera.

This vastly awarded documentary film forces you to open your eyes and reflect your privileges, but it also brings hope and light. Sonita’s voice carries far.