Simen Braathen

Arctic Superstar

Norway 2016
70 min • Northern Sami, Norwegian, English, Russian. English subtitles
Theme: Rokumentti selection
16.11.2016 | Time: 17.00 | Venue: TAPIO 3

Cold hard truths from the cold hard north


Nils Rune Utsi comes from the small village on Masi, near Kautokeino, Norway. When he grabs the microphone, he becomes SlinCraze, an MC rapping in Northern Sami, who combines traditional joik to an astonishing flow of rap lyrics. Although Northern Sami is spoken only by ca. 20 000 people in the world, Nils Rune’s rap breaks down the language and culture barriers.

The Sami people have had to defend their existence and lifestyle for centuries in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. The civil rights of the indigenous people of Europe are still being trampled on. One of Nils Rune’s goals is to wake up the Sami youth in their own language: while the world changes and Eminem is heard even in the most rural villages in Lapland, one can and should still hold on to their roots, as well.

Nils Rune’s lyrics and songs stem from his own painful experiences, such as bullying and losing his father to an illness. He doesn’t hold back or censor himself, and that’s why his message gets under your skin.