Felipe Belalcazar

DEATH by Metal

Canada 2016
108 min • English
Theme: Rokumentti selection
18.11.2016 | Time: 18.45 | Venue: TAPIO 3


Get the hell out of the way, here comes death metal’s ancestor, high priest and big daddy. Death is widely considered the pioneering juggernaut of death metal and one of the most authentic bands of the genre. The leading force and architect of the band was the late Chuck Schuldiner, whose legacy can still be heard resonating in their music.

The documentary takes a thorough look at the history of metal and Schuldiner’s life's work as a musician. What was unique about Schuldiner is that he never took himself or the genre too seriously. He bravely pushed the envelope and couldn’t care less about what textbook metal was supposed to be like.

Although the documentary mainly focuses on Death and Schuldiner, it is also a compact information package about the early stages of death metal and how it evolved into its current shape. International cassette tape swapping, dedication and the will to develop as musicians are the key factors for the existence of this infernally fast-paced dark music.

European premiere in Rokumentti! We highly recommend that you get tickets for this screening on time.