Ryan Gosling: Lost River

Ryan Gosling

Lost River

2014 USA
95 min • English. Finnish subtitles
Theme: Rokumentti selection
18.11.2016 | Time: 23.15 | Venue: TAPIO 3

The film the world gave a cold shoulder

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut was slammed by the critics and literally booed at Cannes Film Festival a few years ago. Do you know why? Because Gosling is nice, good-looking, rich, talented, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with Lost River - an im- possible combination for jealous whiners to swallow.

In the deteriorating city of Lost River, Billy - a single mother of two boys - is swept into a dark underworld when all she’s trying to do is save her home and keep the family together. Lost River is a dream-like fairytale for adults: both ominous and miracu- lous, complete with an impeccable colour scheme and sound design. Gosling has assembled a top team for his debut: cine- matography is by Benoît Debie (known for his work in Gaspar Noe films), soundtrack by Johnny Jewel (of Chromatics, also known for the Drive soundtrack), and Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame does an impressive performance in the lead role. Lost River is definitely a big screen film, best experienced among fellow festival goers at night-time.