Kota Collective

Arctic Lights

2017 Finland
70min • Finnish, Englis
Theme: Rokumentti selection
18.11.2017 | Time: 19.45 | Venue: Tapio 4

Antti Autti´s passion for snow and snowboarding 

Professional snowboarder Antti Autti is dependent on snowboarding. For Antti it is a passion, but for his loved ones it is an obsession. He has been chasing snow and mountains at the expense of everything else. But when does absolute dedication for one thing start to take its toll on on other important things in life? To figure this out, Antti decides to spend the whole winter closer to home in Lapland and see if he can discover balance in life.

Arctic Lights follows Autti´s winter in the mountains and fells of the North and ponders if it is possible for a professional athlete to find balance between career and home life.

Arctic Light is an impressive documentary about dedication. And snow.