Jennifer Peedom


2017 Australia
74 min • English
Theme: (freak)
17.11.2017 | Time: 19.15 | Venue: Tapio 3

*sold out*

Expect to leave the theatre with shaky legs. 

Mountain is an astonishing film about mountains and mountaineering. This movie combines spectacular aerial photography with dramatic music from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and the experience is crowned with the actor Willem Dafoe narrating the story. 

Jennifer Peedom, also known from her 2014 film Sherpa, takes the viewer to the mountains, and on the surface, the story seems to be about the relationship between people and these everlasting landforms. Yet at the core of the story are those for whom nothing is extreme enough. Mountain is about the people who see snowboards and mountain bikes as necessary parts of their climbing kit, and who consider the life-threatening climb a fun game of tag with the reaper. The breathtaking views push the fear aside, and really make you feel alive. 

The scenery in this film seems to be taken directly from an acrophobe’s nightmares, and you can’t help but observe both your and the fellow viewers’ reactions. The breath quickens, the feet feel restless, and at times focusing on anything else but the screen seems like a viable option. There is, however, something compelling in the shared anxiety. Mountain is an exciting documentary that really makes you appreciate the solid, even ground under your feet when exiting the cinema.