Robin Campillo

BPM (120 battements par minute) (BPM (beats per minute))

2018 France
143min • French. Finnish subtitles
Theme: Must see before you die
14.11.2018 | Time 20:15 | Venue: Tapio 4 | BUY TICKET

An award-winning and touching film about the activists who fought the AIDS epidemic

Full of life and human perseverance: that is BPM, the film that topped numerous Film of the Year lists in 2017. BPM is set in Paris of the 1990s and tells the story of a French activist group ACT UP fighting the indifference of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the incompetence and inaction of the French government during the AIDS epidemic. 

BPM was nominated for and won multiple César Awards in France. The film is based on true events, and at the centre of it is the love story of two activists, Sean and Nathan. BPM also conveys the impact and power of a dedicated community. One of the most crucial messages of the film is that responsibility cannot be divided, it is always 100% for both sides. 

Although the film contains a lot of information about the AIDS epidemic and the effects of the illness, it is not preachy in tone. Above all, it is a tribute to all the activists who fought for AIDS awareness, respect and lives of their friends.

As long as there is life, there is hope.