Jennifer Ross

Age of Rage - The Australian Punk Revolution

Australia 2022
90 min • English
Theme: Rokumentti selection
18.11.2022 | Time 21:15 HUOM!! MUUTTUNUT ESITYSAIKA | Venue: Art house Siihtala | BUY TICKET

Punk Down Under 

Age of Rage is a brand new film about the Australian punk music scene. For almost half a century, Australian punk culture has profoundly shaped lives, challenging and reshaping the mainstream.

When the first wave of punk broke Australian shores in the 1970s, it was met with a fierce embrace that continues to reverberate today. Adopted and adapted with fearsome intensity by disenfranchised, pre-globalisation Australian kids as a challenge to the isolation and cultural vacuity of mainstream Australia, punk Down Under was a DIY counterculture – a profound, visceral critique of late 20th-century capitalism.

Australian punk chose values and agendas that for many have become lifelong, and its revolution full of rage, angst and defiance has evolved. Age of Rage shows that while some still stand at the edges of society, others have re-engaged, bringing their punk values with them.

Age of Rage - The Australian Punk Revolution documentary shows both music and lives of people who often had nowhere to go. Through music, photos, archival footage and commentary, it examines how Australian punk ideology, music, social issues, community, violence, drugs, police harassment and a ferociously DIY ethos transformed Australian lives.