• Festival ticket book 35 € 
  • Single entrance ticket at Tapio 9 €

The festival ticket book contains five tickets to Rokumentti-screenings of your choice. Buy ticket book here.

Advance ticket sell started on Monday 30st of October. 


You can buy festival ticket books and single tickets for Tapio screenings at Cinema Tapio and on their website With the festival ticket book you are entitled to attend five Rokumentti-screenings. The ticket book has to be exchanged for entrance tickets - this can be done at Cinema Tapio or online. We recommend booking your seats early because many screenings will sell out!

Kino Sihis advance tickets are sold in Kino Sihis web store. You can´t exhange ticket book tickets to Kino Sihis tickets beforehand. Tickets can be exchanged for entrance tickets to Kino Sihis ticket sales before the screening. Ticket sales starts 30 minutes before screening. Don´t worry, there is room in Kino Sihis. 

Rokumentti tickets can not be reserved.


Festival locations

The screenings take place in Cinema Tapio.


How to get to Joensuu

By train:

By bus:

By plane:


Hotels in Joensuu

Sokos Hotel Kimmel
Itäranta 1
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4663

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
Torikatu 20
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 20 123 4661

Hotel Scandic Joensuu
Kirkkokatu 20
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 13 511 2100

Torikatu 16
80100 Joensuu
tel. +358 10 423 9390

Holiday Linnunlahti
Linnunlahdentie 1
80110 Joensuu
tel. +358 10 666 5520



Cinema Tapio has wheelchair spaces and induction loops in every auditorium/screen. Tapio has accessible entrance, wide corridors and an accessible toilet. Tapio uses Toilet Pass. 


Safer space guidelines

Rokumentti belongs to each and every single one of us. There is no place for any kind of harassment or inappropriate behavior. 

Respect others

Respect the physical and mental integrity of every festival goer, as well as their autonomy. Remember that no always means no – respect the boundaries set by others. Treat other people’s belongings and the surrounding nature with respect as well.

Don’t assume

Don’t make any assumptions about other people. Embrace everyone with an open, non-judgmental attitude and allow everyone the space to be their most authentic selves.

Ask for consent

Don’t touch others without their permission – including any assistive devices. Ask for consent before entering someone else’s physical space. Remember that consent must always be mutual.

Treat others with kindness

Don’t criticize, mock, discriminate against, or embarrass anyone with your words or actions – not even as a joke. Treat everyone and everything around you with kindness, warmth and respect. Give room for others in conversations. You can disagree, but always treat others with respect. 

Stand up for others

We are all responsible for creating the atmosphere of summer’s best weekend. Remember that your actions also affect other festival goers. Intervene in inappropriate behavior and stand up for both yourself and others.

Listen and take responsibility

If you receive any feedback about your actions, receive and be open to it. Apologize if you have unintentionally or intentionally hurt other individuals or their property with your words or actions.

If you feel unsafe at the festival, always turn to the nearest staff member. 

If you experience or witness any incidents of harassment at the festival, you can report them anonymously through this form.


Contact information


We answer your questions at .


About Rokumentti

Founded in 2005, Rokumentti Film Festival is a Joensuu-based film festival focusing on music films. The festival is organized by the non-profit Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, which also organizes the annual Ilosaarirock Festival. Rokumentti is the largest music film festival in Finland, with over 400 screenings of films throughout its history, many of them Finnish premieres.

Participate in Rokumentti and submit your own film, fiction or document to us. Email a brief description and the technical information of your film to 


Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association
P.O. Box 240
FIN-80101 Joensuu

Producer Katri Kilpiä

Coordinator Jarkko Kuittinen

Graphic design:
Pasi Peltonen / Vaganza

Antti Schroderus / Purkkaviritys