The Allins

Sami Saif

The Allins

Denmark 2017
74 min • English
Theme: (freak)
17.11.2017 | Time: 20.45 | Venue: Tapio 3 | BUY TICKET

Hardcore savior's unholy manifesto

If your mentally unstable, fundamentalist father decides humbly to name you Jesus Christ Allin, how likely is your life to follow a traditional path?

GG Allin is known as one of the most controversial performers of our time, and the number one crackpot of the hardcore punk scene. The vocalist's gigs consisted of varying amounts of blood, shit, vomit, violence, nudity as well as Allin's ability to demonstrate how the microphone is actually one of the percussion instruments. As a rule, the gigs ended with police or staff intervention or the artist passing out in the middle of his own bodily fluids. The gallant plans to commit suicide on stage were foiled by an accidental overdose, and in the end the antihero was buried with his leather jacket, jockstrap and Walkman, his mouth stuffed with drugs.

Despite all the grotesque, or maybe just because of it, Allin is still remembered fondly two decades after his death. In the documentary directed by Sami Saif, Allin's relatives, friends and equally eccentric inner circle reminisce the life and character of punk's unholy savior. Allin's outspoken mother, in particular, makes herself heard: she simply cannot fathom why people would travel all the way from Canada just to piss on her son's gravestone.

GG Allin wanted to be a freak, and sure enough, he succeeded. Don't try this at home.