Rokumentti will be organised with special arrangements

Rokumentti, Finland's largest music film festival, will be held this year with special arrangements. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the festival will be condensed into a four-act series, which will be shown on 20-23. of January 2021 at the Art factory Siihtala. A limited number of audiences will be admitted to the shows through pre-registrations. The shows are free of charge.

The special screenings will feature four films: Ilosaarirock - 40 vuotta säkällä,  Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band, documentary of the legendary band The Band, White Riotan award-winning documentary about the birth of the Rock Against Racism movement in Britain in the late 1970´s and Finnish youth comedy Kasino. Director Mikko Jokipii will be present at the screening.

Rokumentti has an important place in the hearts of visitors and organizers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to organise the festival as usual in the current situation, but we still want to bring the best we can to dark winter. Rokumentti is arranged according to all possible security measures, and the shows can be scaled to reflect the rapidly changing situation.