Finland´s biggest music movie festival Rokumentti is held in November. This year festival is held with special arrangements and will contain three screenings in three days at art factory Siihtala. Festival is held from Wednesday 3th of March to Saturday 6 th of March. 

The screenings are free of charge and a limited number of audiences are admitted through pre-registrations.

Due to the Covid-19 situation, there are very limited seats available


Registration for Rokumentti will begin on Monday 26th of October. Only the enrolled can enter. There are very limited seats available.

When you register, you can choose which shows you're going to attend and register also friends who you're coming to the screenings with. 

Two empty seats will be left between each enrolled/entrants. If you want to book adjacent seats, register your entire party at once (max. 6 person).

Each enrolled person name and contact information will be collected. The data will be collected to identify possible chains of infection and, if necessary, given to the health authorities. Data is stored for one month from the event. 

Waiting list

There are very limited seats for the screenings. If the show is booked full, you can use the registration form to register for the waiting list. Those on the list will be offered potentially vacant seats. 

Cancellation of the registration

If you experience the slightest symptom of illness, do not attend the event. You can cancel your registration using the link below. Vacancies can be offered to the people on the waiting list. 

Safety instructions

Rokumentti´s biggest priority is the well-being of the visitors and staff. The festival follows the recommendations and guidance of the authorities and will update the practices as needed. 


  1. Register to the screenings beforehand in our webpage Only the enrolled can enter to the screenings. If you want to come to Rokumentti with friends, please register your friends' details at the same time. This way, we can reserve the seats adjacent seats. Visitors in the same party can choose to sit together. 
  • We collect contact information of registered people. The contact information will be given to health authorities if needed, to help to investigate the possible COVID-19 transmission chains. We´ll retain the contact information for a month after the screening. 
  • Keep yourself healthy. Please do not attend the festival if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness. 


  • Please skip a visit if you feel sick, have flu symptoms, have returned from abroad within the last 14 days, or are in a coronavirus exposure chain. 
  • report a cancellation using this link: The vacant seat will be offered to those on the waiting list. 


  • Please arrive early to avoid crowding and queues. 
  • To maintain the safe distances, please don´t rush while queuing. The screenings won´t start before everyone is seated
  • Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hand. 
  • The names of the entrants will be checked on arrival
  • Rokumentti staff will guide you to the right place 


  • Come to the festival only when you are healthy. 
  • Please practise good hand hygiene when visiting the festival. Art factory Siihtala is equipped with hand sanitizer. 
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or disposable tissue
  • We recommend using face masks at the festival
  • To accommodate for social distancing, we take in limited capacity of audience to all screenings: approximately a third of the theatre´s capacity. Two seats will be left on each side of every seat. The seats to be used in the screenings are marked. Rokumentti staff will help you to your seat. 
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging
  • The cleaning of the artfactory Siihtala has been increased and the festival staff is on-site to advise the audience. 
  • We recommend that you download the voluntary Koronavilkku app


  • Please don´t rush after the screening and keep a safe distance to other festival-goers. Festival staff is there to assist if needed to avoid crowding. 

Contact information

Founded in 2005, Rokumentti Film Festival is a Joensuu-based film festival focusing on music films. The festival is organized by the non-profit Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, which also organizes the annual Ilosaarirock Festival. Rokumentti is the largest music film festival in Finland, with over 400 screenings of films throughout its history, many of them Finnish premieres.

Participate in Rokumentti and submit your own film, fiction or document to us. Email a brief description and the technical information of your film to 

Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association
P.O. Box 240
FIN-80101 Joensuu

Producer Katri Kilpiä

Coordinator Jarkko Kuittinen

Graphic design:
Pasi Peltonen / Vaganza

Antti Schroderus / Purkkaviritys